Change the Face of Phoenix

Who formed this site?
Mark Formo

Why did I create this site?
I moved to Phoenix in 2002 from Minnesota.  Throughout the process of the move, getting a new place to live, getting telephone service, utility hookups, opening a new bank account, getting an Arizona driver's license, getting Arizona license plates, purchasing another vehicle, and more, I had experiences of which I'd never wish upon others.  Frankly, the lack of "customer service" was appalling.  I wondered why this was so prevalent.  It seemed there was a distinct "who cares" attitude.  I observed this same attitude on the roads.  People act like they own the road and everyone else be damned.  Not willing to accept this as the norm coupled with "what can I do to effect a change in attitudes", I felt whatever small thing I could do to change it, I should do.  The Change the Face of Phoenix web site is just the beginning.

Who am I to think I can effect a change?
Yes, I am only one person, but with the help of God as well as you, there is no end to what changes we can do together.

What makes me think I am so perfect?
I'm not perfect.  No one on this earth is.  But that doesn't mean we should accept our failings.  It is up to each and every one of us to make a constant effort to improve ourselves.  Only by continually striving to be better can we effect a change in ourselves, and only by example can we effect changes in others.

Ok, so what can you do to help?
First, visit the links below, read through the steps you can do, then follow as many as you can.

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